Checklist for meeting with the priest

Congratulations on taking the step to start a small purity group at your parish or Catholic organization!

Your first step is to pray for God to guide you on whether you should start this group. If so, you should schedule a meeting with your parish priest and discuss these items:

  1. Ask if he is supportive in having a men's group at his parish for this purpose
    1. If not, seek to understand his concerns and address them one-by-one
    2. Most priests hear sins of impurity in Confession every week and know what a problem pornography and lust are
    3. This program will help men at the parish:
      1. conquer lust and pornography
      2. grow in purity
      3. protect their children and family from falling into the same vice
  2. Explain to him that the meetings with be held at a discreet time and place, on a monthly basis
  3. Assure him that you as the leader are willing to go through any certification program or background check
    1. E.g. in the Austin diocese the "Ethics and Integrity" program (other dioceses have similar ones)
  4. Request that he be willing to meet with you personally at least once per quarter to discuss how the group is going
  5. Explain that you will be using an existing program, the Brotherhood of Virtue, as the curriculum
    1. This program was specifically made for parish small groups, diaconate programs, and seminaries
    2. Spend 15 minutes or so showing him the first meeting's video, freely available here.
      1. You can download the video to your laptop ahead of time in case the meeting area has no wifi access
  6. Explain that there is a monthly cost with the program, but that you can start with the cheapest plan to begin with
  7. Set a launch day for when the first meeting will be held
  8. Ask the priest for permission to submit a bulletin announcement for the program's launch
  9. Ask the priest if a pulpit announcement can be made at Mass informing men of the program
    1. Either he or you can give the announcement