Session Blueprint

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Virtue, the small group program for Catholic men to grow in purity together.

We recommend that you meet with your small group once per month.
Each meeting should be an hour long.

During each meeting you will:

  1. Say a short prayer together: Our Father or Hail Mary, etc.
  2. Watch the next video in the series
  3. Discuss the questions presented at the end of the video
  4. Resolve to do the action items from the video
  5. Pray the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet together

These steps are included in the attached document if you wish to download and print them out.

Tip: If the area where you meet does not have an accessible internet connection, you can download ahead of time the video lesson to your laptop's local hard drive and then play it off the hard drive rather than stream it from this course.